6 Ways to Start off Your Day Mindfully

Creating an intentional routine in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. The more you integrate mindfulness into your routine, the more it becomes automatic. With these practices, you will become more patient, compassionate, and at ease.

I encourage you to try this routine every day for one week and notice how it changes your mood for the rest of the day.

  1. Write an affirmation - this can be your main focus for the day. Think of something that you’d like to put energy towards. Studies have shown that when you write down an affirmation or a goal, you’re 40% more likely to complete it.

  2. Do yoga - you can start off your day with 5 min, 20 min, or an hour of yoga, every little bit counts. The principles of yoga focus on the following to help you become more mindful:

    Non-judgment: Practicing just allowing without judgment for yourself and others

    Patience: Mindfulness is a journey, give yourself space and time to have your experiences

    A beginner’s mind: A mindset that is willing to experience everything as if it is the first time

    Trust: Having trust in yourself and honoring your own knowledge and experience

    Non-striving: An attitude that encourages yourself to simply be. Be grateful for where you are, and let yourself grow.

    Allowing: Seeing things as they really are in each moment, rather than as you would like them to be. This can be related to gratitude

    Letting go: intentionally releasing control and allowing ourselves to fully participate in our experience.

  3. Practice gratitude - write 3 things you’re grateful for. This can be something small, like “I am grateful for coffee” or something deeper like “I am grateful for clean water”. The intention behind this practice is to cultivate present awareness and gratitude increases your overall happiness over time. The more you focus on what you’re grateful for, the more mindful you become.

  4. Drink a glass of water - nourish your body with some H2O! It’s simple and effective, a practice of self-love.

  5. Practice self-compassion - this can be writing a love letter to yourself, or writing three things you love about yourself. Self-compassion will help you become more patient and compassionate with others.

  6. Finish these before you check your phone.

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