How CBD Has Improved My Mental Health

What is CBD? According to Project CBD "Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant with a rich history as a medicine going back thousands of years.”

CBD has been used for years to alleviate physical pain and there is tons of research around its use.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy CBD anywhere from Plum Market to an online store. I typically buy mine from a local CBD store or online from AUR Body. I highly recommend doing your research and talking to a professional to find out what dose and what type works best for your body. Most CBD stores and health food stores have someone on staff that can talk you through the products and their benefits. CBD is booming in the wellness industry anywhere from food to beauty products.

How CBD has helped me

I started taking CBD two years ago when I noticed my anxiety was becoming more difficult to manage and I was in the thick of my seasonal depression. After a yoga class, I went to the CBD store and talked with a knowledgeable professional about which brands and products to use to help me sleep and ease my anxiety. He recommended I use a tincture that was 100mg and take it every day - I can increase or lower my dose as desired. I was so excited, I ran home and tried the delicious strawberry flavored goo. It was delicious and worked almost instantly. My regularly racing mind was calm, I slept through the night, and woke up feeling energized! This was an amazing feeling and I continued using it in the morning with my other vitamins. I’ve tried other products such as chocolates, gummies, vaporizing and have experimented putting the oil in my tea, coffee, and smoothies. They all work great! I noticed my anxiety is much more manageable, I sleep well through the night feeling well rested when I wake up, and I feel focused during the day.

My Regular Routine

My regular routine is pretty consistent. In the morning, I put a few drops of an oil or tincture into my morning beverage (tea, lemon water, coffee) and take my vitamins. At night, I either vaporize while I’m reading before bed or I take the oil/tincture sublingually. If I have any back pain I use a body balm infused with CBD on my back and I put some of the balm on my temples to relax.

I highly recommend giving CBD a try for anyone who experiences stress or has trouble sleeping. You can do your own research online, talk with a professional, or go to your local health food store.There are many different kinds and ways to try CBD. Enjoy!