Find Grounding Through Your Root Chakra


It all starts with the foundation, at the base of our chakra system is the root chakra. This is where we find stability and grounding. It’s important that we keep this chakra in balance because it’s the base of all the other 6 chakras.

When we have a deficiency in this space, we feel as though we are in the unstable and out of control. To come back down to earth - you can try the following practices

  1. Meditation This practice can help you feel rooted and grounded. There are many meditations focused specifically on grounding and the root chakra. You can always start with sitting on the ground or in chair with your feet firmly planted, then with the breath imagine yourself growing roots, feeling stable, and finding grounding. Say to yourself “ I am grounded and I have a strong foundation” as you inhale an exhale. Repeat as many times as you need.

  2. Yoga Attend a yoga class, this could be any style, but generally a restorative or yin class will be the most grounding.

  3. Reiki Going to a Reiki session will help you feel more grounded because the energy healing will clear any blockages you may have and reset your chakras. If you’re interested you can book a session with me! to learn more.

  4. Walk around barefoot Being barefoot preferably outside will connect you with the earth. If you’re unable to walk around outside, inside works well too. Also, if you’re more comfortable sitting, you can sit with your bare feet firmly planted on the ground or sit cross-legged on the ground/yoga mat.

  5. Create a homey feeling When we are traveling we can feel ungrounded. It’s important for us to root ourselves through a smell, activity, or a photo. For me, when I’m traveling I like to bring lavender with me. It calms me, helps me sleep, and I use it every day at home. Also, I love to cook, while traveling I try to cook at least once or make all my breakfast meals wherever I’m staying.

Interested in learning more about chakra balancing or Reiki - book a session with me!