Packing for my Yoga Training in France!

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I'm typically a light packer, but in this case there is no laundry on site until I get to London. There are some main things that I always bring with me on a trip and some extras that are specific to this yoga training in France. Enjoy!


Vitamins! I typically take Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C every day and it feels good to continue a routine while traveling. Vitamin C is great for your immune system and can be helpful when you're interacting with a lot of people in a closed space, so you're less likely to get sick. I call my Vitamin D3 my "happy vitamin" because I always feel better after I take it. This vitamin boosts your immune system and reduces depression (among many other amazing things). I typically buy my vitamins at Trader Joe's.

Electrolytes I always make sure to bring a pack of Nuun tablets. You can get them on Amazon or at Whole Foods. They come in a variety of flavors and some come with extra vitamins or green tea for energy. I prefer any of the flavors with strawberry or grapefruit, especially strawberry lemonade. You mix one tablet with 16 oz of water and drink up! 

Byta This mug has made an appearance in every blog that I have created thus far, it's amazing and is my favorite. Enough said! 

What I'm Packing With

Everlane Mover Backpack This is my second using this backpack and I'm very excited. It worked great while I traveled to DC. It's like a duffel bag/backpack hybrid which is exactly what I've been looking for. It's extremely versatile from the three ways to carry it including: top+bottom haul handles, shoulder straps, and in-strap handles and the plethora of pockets. I use the outer pockets for my wallet and items I need to reach easily while on the plane like headphones, kindle, charger, etc.

Everlane Packable Backpack I bought this backpack to bring on this trip. The plan is to pack the pouch that it comes in inside my Mover Backpack so that I can use it while I am out during the day to bring my laptop, camera, byta, etc. It has a laptop compartment and a pocket in the front so it's easy to stay organized.

Packing Cubes I got these from Hershel and you can find them anywhere. I have 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small, and 1 wet-/dry bag for dirty clothes or shoes. Highly recommend to keep everything organized so everything is easy to find and your clothes are less likely to get wrinkled.  

Things I'm bringing to France! 

Yoga Clothes I bought most of my yoga clothes from the conscious line at H&M as well as various yoga studio sales such as Core Power or Yoga Six. My favorite bras and leggings come from Lively. It's an amazing brand with bras, underwear, swimwear, and now workout gear! Their bras are very comfortable and have great styles including sports bras and active bralettes. Use my code AMB-Wellnesswithmolly for $10 off. 

Shoes I'm bringing my slip-on allbirds and my waterproof Croc strapy sandals for comfort while I'm walking.

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Toiletries I'm packing my 9 to 5 makeup remover from Lush, lavender face spray, dry shampoo from Aveda, toothpaste tabs and mouthwash tabs from Lush, Charcoal face wash from Lush, as well as my conditioner, shampoo, body wash, and moisturizer from Plaine Products. I'll pack all of these in my toiletry bag from Hershel.

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