Self-Care Guide

A self-care routine is comprised one of the 3 elements of self-compassion which is self-kindness.

Self-kindness is when we express understanding toward ourselves. We tend to use more patience, encouraging words during our inner dialogue as well as kindly acknowledge that we’re doing the best we can. When we experience challenging externalities that can be difficult to manage, we soothe and nurture ourselves with self-kindness. We are moved by our own distress so that warm feelings and the desire to ameliorate our suffering emerge.

When we set aside time to nourish ourselves from the inside out, we become more patient, joyful, and healthier from our mind to our body and our soul.

To get started, begin by devoting 20 minutes per day for each activity to yourself to rejuvenate. Yes, it's that easy! Click here for the full guide.