A few of my favorite things...


I do my best to support businesses that align with my values, below are a few that I recommend. Enjoy!

Everlane  Their mission is radical transparency and they stick to it! I love their branding and mission.  The quality of their clothes and accessories is amazing and they're affordable. I have two of their backpacks, one travel backpack, which you will see in my gallery featured on my trip to France and London. The other I use for work and daily use, its small enough to not be bulky and holds all my essentials including my computer.

Plaine Products  I have been on a mission to cut out plastic from my beauty routine. Plaine Products makes this really easy by providing all their shampoos, conditioner, body wash, and lotions in metal bottles and you get refills in glass jars. It's truly genius and I love the formula, I don't use conditioner because it moisturizes so well and has no sulfates. Side note - do not use shampoos with sulfates, it dries out your hair! They also have travel sizes that I bought for my trip and can refill with my larger bottles.

Lush - I love me some package free beauty products. Lush has great face washes that come in a bar form and they are moving all their products including their makeup to package free, which is amazing! Some of their products that I love the most are their body spray in Rose which you an use on fabrics to freshen up your space, their face wash Fresh Farmacy which gives you a great clean feel without being drying, and their 9 to 5 lotion-like face wash which can be used as a makeup remover or as a regular face wash.

Byta - One of the best purchases I've ever made! I love this reusable metal travel mug, it's stylish and saves the environment. I bought it in a blush pink and two stainless steel straws. This mug keeps my smoothies cold and my chai lattes hot! Truly one of my favorite things to bring with me while I work out of a cafe or while traveling.

Allbirds The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, it truly feels like walking on a cloud. I have the Tree Loungers which are fantastic for warmer weather because they keep your feet cool and you don't have to wear socks. I'm absolutely bringing them to France with me in August!