Winter Wellness

Now that winter is upon us our days can seem short and gloomy. Below are some winter wellness tips to help us get through the grey days ahead!

Set up a morning routine.This sounds funny, but it works great! If you start your day with specific things, your body will learn to wake up and get excited for the morning. I typically start my day with hot lemon water, matcha, or coffee, then I listen to a podcast while playing with my cat Luna. Ever since I started this routine, I look forward to waking up.

Get moving! Even for 5 minutes in the morning, doing one or two sun salutations can help get your endorphins flowing setting you up for a better day.

Write a Gratitude Journal. At the end of the day, write down 3 things that you are grateful for and 5 people that bring you joy.

Go see some green!Most of us in Chicago live near one of the two lovely conservatories which are amazing winter therapy. I try to visit the Lincoln Park Conservatory every other week to get a dose of 'summer'. 

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