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What is Wellness With Molly?

I created Wellness With Molly to mindfully empower people in their personal and professional lives. Using mindfulness, you will be inspired to take actionable steps to become more joyful, productive, and purposeful.

What Is My Mission?

Wellness With Molly creates space where you can breathe easy, learn more about yourself and grow. As a yoga and meditation teacher, I'm passionate about elevating others to their fullest potential.

Currently based in Chicago, I host workshops around the city from Corporate Wellness to Reiki. Overall, I love partnering with people who are passionate about self exploration and improving their mindfulness practice. As a Yoga and Meditation teacher as well as a Reiki practitioner, we will collaborate to curate your workshop, one-on-one, or retreat to fit your needs.

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A little about Molly…


I’m a passionate Yoga and Meditation teacher as well as a Reiki practitioner who has always been interested in mindfulness. I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for 11 years and holistic wellness has been a huge part of my life. I was inspired elevate people through mindfulness when I continued meeting people who craved a space to find ease. This encouraged me to start Wellness With Molly and create a holistic platform for people to feel heard, inspired, and connected.

Currently, I live in Chicago with my cat Luna and regularly teach yoga, meditation, Reiki, and lead mindfulness trainings. My favorite morning beverage is matcha and I LOVE to cook. I’m excited to get to know you and your journey!

Let’s Connect!

I’m available for 1:1 Coaching sessions, private or group Meditation, Reiki and Yoga sessions as well as lead mindfulness trainings and workshops. Looking forward to connecting!

Please feel free to reach out directly wellnesswithmollyb@gmail.com