6 Ways to Mindfully Detox Your Life

Detoxing  is not solely related to nutrition and your body, the act of mindfully detoxing can involve all aspects of your life. From letting go of what no longer serves you, to creating space for more things that bring joy into your life - mindfully detoxing your life is a wonderful act of self-respect. There are many ways to create space for renewal - below are six practical ways to mindfully detox your life.  Enjoy!

Personal Life Detox This could mean detoxing your romantic relationship, friendships and relationship with your family members. Reflect on those relationships and how they bring you joy. If there are things that you would like to process, have a mindful conversation with that person, practice forgiveness for yourself and this person, and create space for healing.

Saying “no” is very powerful and is a form of self-compassion. Taking up space for ourselves when we say “no” means that we are recharging ourselves. When we create this space, we are renewed and we are able to give fully to others. Saying “no” now may mean you have the energy to say “yes” to something else that brings you joy and a sense of purpose.

Closet Detox  When you’re going through your closet, reflect on each item and ask yourself if it brings you joy. Keep the things that have sentimental value and organize the things you use the most to be easily accessible. When you declutter, you feel a sense of accomplishment. Then, donate the items you wish to get rid of, the things you aren’t using can be helpful for someone else.

Movement Detox Get your body moving through yoga, a meditation walk, or other forms of mindful movement. When we move, we release endorphins and this brings us joy. Movement is a great way to get a burst of energy and mindful movement allows us to release stress. We don’t need to be sweating to be detoxing, the intention of the movement is what makes it a mindful movement detox. While you’re moving, reflect on how your body feels, your mood, and notice how your body and mind feel afterwards.

Journaling Detox Write down your accomplishments and challenges. Allow yourself to write freely without judgement, letting your creativity flow onto the page and allow your stress to flow from your body into your writing. Journaling gives us the space to say things “out loud” that we’ve been holding in, things that we are struggling with or that give us anxiety. The practice of journaling gives us a sense of release and renewal

Technology Detox Go through your social media and follow things that bring you joy and unfollow things that don’t. Turn off your notifications for social media on your phone and enjoy the peace. Do your best to turn your phone on silent when you’re with others. This will help you be more present , a better listener and a better communicator. When we silence our phones when we’re with others, we show the people we are with respect. This respect also comes back to us because we are respecting our own time by staying mindfully present with our friends and loved ones. To take the technology detox further, turn off screens few hours before you go to bed. Allow yourself to ease into resting without being stimulated by technology. Use this time to connect with yourself, your friends, or your family.

Mental Detox Take the time to meditate. This could be a meditation class, a self practice, or a meditative walk. Meditation can take many forms and there is a meditation style that can suit everyone. Give yourself permission to take a pause, create space for stillness, to dive into yourself and to recharge. The more we meditate, the more ease we experience allowing us to live life with more clarity.

When we mindfully detox, we are creating space in our lives for our more authentic self to shine through. This allows us to be more compassionate and practice forgiveness with ourselves and others. Keeping a  journal of your detox journey will help you keeping track of how it feels to let things go. Throughout this process notice how you feel and reflect on how you can detox your life in other ways.