How Blank Space Improves Productivity and Joy

Creating space within your day allows you to slow down and reflect. It creates a sense of joy and gratitude because we are able to enjoy our time. When are always on the go and moving on to the next task without processing what we’re doing we are unable to be fully focused.

Pausing to process and to slow down can increase your productivity because you are giving yourself rest, when you rest you’re able to be full of energy and new ideas. Time scarcity - time without a task is harmful to our creativity. In order to create an environment that nourishes innovation and imagination, we must create blank spaces in our schedule to counteract our busy lives. Block off at least 30 min of blank space in your schedule every day to optimize your productivity.

A few ways you can create space in your day:

  • Read a book you’ve been really wanting to read

  • Go to a yoga class alone

  • Take the time to journal

  • Take the time to meditate

  • Go on a walk alone or with your dog

  • Leave your phone in another room for an hour and turn off all screens

You can take this blank space to the next level and spend a whole day doing whatever brings you joy and having limited use of screens or your phone. Another great way is to go on holiday and turn your phone off during the day so that you can connect with yourself and enjoy your experience without distractions. How will you challenge yourself and create space?