7 Ways to Balance Your Chakras

The chakra system is composed of 7 main chakras , or energy points in the body that can flow in and out of balance. The chakras start at the base of the spine and go to the crown of the head.

Here are 7 ways you can balance your chakras to stay in harmony with your mental and physical health.

Root Chakra - Walk barefoot. This can be done outside or inside if you’re unable to step out. This gives you an incredible sense of grounding allowing you to feel more connected. This is a great exercise if you’re feeling anxious.

Sacral Chakra - Do something creative. This could be reading poetry, going to a painting class, or going to a museum.

Solar Pexus Chakara - Volunteer for a local cause or take a class. This chakra is all about learning something new and connecting with your sense of self.

Heart Chakra - Write yourself a love letter. To connect with yourself more lovingly, it’s important that you send some love to yourself.

Throat Chakra - Chant a mantra for 3 min, this chant can say “I honor my inner voice". This chakras energy is focused around your voice and being heard.

Third Eye Chakra - Keep a dream journal. The third eye’s energy is more spiritual in nature and is focused on your intuition. When you keep a dream journal, you’re focusing on your natural intuition and paying attention to that your subconscious is telling you - giving you more insight into your daily life.

Crown Chakra - Meditate. This chakra is all about connecting with your higher self - you can practice a body scan meditation, walking meditation, or even yoga!

To find out which chakras are out of balance and to dive deeper - Set up a Reiki appointment with me!