Mornings and Mental Health


As mentioned in a previous blog post, I’ve been working from home for over 3 years and I’ve lived alone for 4 years. It can be difficult to get your day started when your office is your living room. Creating a routine can help you feel more productive and creating structure can help with anxiety.

Here are a few things that have really helped me get my day started and form a routine. Enjoy!

Set an alarm! Even if you don’t have to be at an office at a certain time, it feels really good to get a jump start on your day. You don’t have to start working right away, but at least you can start your day with a walk, a workout, or make yourself a lovely breakfast. Or all of the above! Mornings can be fun, throw some self love in there.

Make your bed. Do this FIRST. It’s unlikely that you will crawl back into bed if your bed is made.

Getting dressed. This sounds silly, but it’s true. If you change your clothes, wash your face and brush your teeth you’re much more likely to leave the house and feel refreshed. Studies have shown that how we are dressed affects our quality of work. If you’re in your pajamas your mindset can be too relaxed and you’re not as productive. Wearing athleisure is a healthy alternative and comfy!

Make a routine that’s unique for your morning. I typically wake up and either make coffee, matcha, or hot lemon water and drink this before breakfast. I drink my beverage while listening to a podcast and checking my emails. This helps ease myself into the day and it’s something I look forward to. We can train our bodies to recognize that certain activities are for us to enjoy in the morning. You can also continue this routine while you’re traveling especially when you’re in a different time zone. It will definitely help your body adjust to the new environment.

What are your favorite morning routines?

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