Yoga Pose Tips!

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Below are some tips and tricks to master common poses. Enjoy!

Triangle Coming out of warrior two, straighten your front and back leg. Then slide your torso forward with your front arm long, send your back hip backwards with arms extended forward and back like in warrior two. Bend your torso forward with your arm on a block or resting on your leg. The goal is for your body to stay flat, as if you are leaning flush against a wall. 

Upward Dog When doing a vinyasa flow it's common to go into this pose before downward dog. When you're getting into upward dog from a downward dog you go into a high plank on your tipy toes. Then you lower down with control and shoulders back, it is important to keep your shoulders back in line with your hands so that your shoulders are not rounded forward which can result in an injury. Once you are in a low plank, you flip your toes so that they are untucked and your chest up and straighten your arms. The thighs are hovering above the ground and the toes are untucked touching the mat. Your gaze is forward and your core is strong.

Cobra When doing this pose, your whole body is touching the ground. To get into it your toes should be untucked, shoulders back, gaze forward and your lift should come from your core and back muscles. In this pose, you should be able to hover your hands above the ground and stay lifted.

For more instruction, feel free to message me for a private class! 

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