Airplane Yoga

I travel a lot and I find that my practice can dwindle while I'm on the go. A great way to stay on track is to do some yoga on the airplane. Your body will thank you. Enjoy!


A Seated Twist While you're seated with both feet flat on the floor, bring the back of your left hand to your outer right thigh and gently twist your upper body so that you are facing the right and do the same on the other side. Keep your neck and spine long, make sure you are breathing in as your lift and exhale as you twist.

Neck Rolls While seated or standing you can bring your chin to your chest and then move your chin to the left and right side. If it's comfortable, bring your neck into full circles going from chin down left back and then down the right side. 

Thigh Lifts While standing bring one thigh into your chest and wrap your arms around your leg then repeat on the other side.

Wrist Stretch While seated or standing interlace your hands and then bring them overhead with palms facing up. You can lean from one side to the other if you have room for an extra stretch.

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