Mindful Pause - How Rest Improves your Productivity

I’ve been practicing taking more days of rest. I’ve noticed that I have been wrapped up in the “hustle” thinking the more I work and the harder I work- the more worthy I am. This, for me, is not true. The way I work best is with frequent pauses whether that means taking a Wednesday off from work since I worked on the weekend or recently I took 2 weeks away from work. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I needed these 2 weeks to reset myself and it absolutely helped me gain perspective. I had to separate myself from my work and everyday life to have more clarity. Now, I have the clarity on my goals, I have energy to work on new projects and I feel empowered in my work.

We live in a culture that honors being “busy”, the booked calendar and the long work day. In my everyday life, I try to break this narrative by educating myself and others on the importance of p a u s e. When we pause, we give our brains a rest and an opportunity to soak in information and reset. This way you continue to work on full instead of running on empty.

Even if you take a pause for 5 min during the day, this will help you reset and renew. Give yourself permission to take a break so that you can have a new found sense of energy, motivation, and creativity.

If you need a pause try this walking meditation. Enjoy!