4 Steps to Starting Your Meditation Practice

Meditation has become increasingly popular from meditation apps to meditation studios. There are many benefits of meditating from lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety and stress, and increased focus and productivity.

Below are a few ways that you can get your practice started. Enjoy!

  1. Find your style

    There are tons of ways to practice meditation from breathing meditation, visualization, and walking meditations. Meditation is not one size fits all, try various types and lengths of meditation to find what works best for you. There may be a handful that you like - integrate those into your routine.

  2. Create a routine

    Once you find what type of mediation works best for you - find a time during the day that you can comfortably meditate. Along with the time of day, you can also set up a space in your home or office that is designated for meditation. This could be a meditation pillow, a chair, or a separate room. Creating this space will allow your body and mind to be prepared for meditation when you’re in that space, making it easier to integrate into your routine.

  3. Be gentle with yourself

    Mindfulness is a journey - take your time to explore, find what works, and adapt your practice as your life changes. There may be a week or a month that you fall out of your routine - when you’re ready, return to it.

  4. Enjoy the journey

    Take note of how meditation is affecting your personal and professional life. Enjoy the process of learning more about yourself and breathe easy.

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