Boost Creativity Through Your Sacral Chakra

If you feeling like your creativity is stunted or you’re feeling like you need a little more pleasure in your life. Your sacaral chakra may be blocked. Boosting creativity and joy comes from our sacral chakra located in your lower abdomen. Below are a few ways you can balance your sacal chakra and find your creativity boost!

  1. Create This can be dancing, baking, drawing, writing, or building something. Let your creative juices flow. These activities put energy into our sacaral chakra bringing it back to balance.

  2. Do something you love Do something that brings you joy and that you derive pleasure from. The sacral chakra is in balance when we give ourselves permission to do things that we love. Set aside time for yourself to rejuvinate.

  3. Affirmations Some great things to repeat during a meditation or to write in your journal are: I know how to take care of my needs, I give myself permission to experience pleasure, I am at peace These affirmations will bring your sacral chakra back to balance by reaffirming pleasure and creativity.