A few of my favorite things at Trader Joe's


We all know how wonderful Trader Joe's is, especially since they have been rolling out some amazing vegetarian and vegan options. These are a few things I keep stocked up in my fridge...

Beefless Ground Beef It's made from soy and is a great sub for taco meat, enchiladas, stuffed peppers. I really like it because it's already made, just add some seasoning and heat it up!

Vegan Matcha Latte I love drinking this in the mornings when I'm on the go, and is a great substitute for my homemade matcha latte with almond milk and agave. This is a great quick version that isn't too sweet and tastes amazing! You can drink it cold or heat it up in a mug if you're feeling cozy.

Coconut Coldbrew Another great staple when you're on the go. You can mix it with some milk for an iced coffee or make a hot coffee on the stovetop and add some milk and agave for sweetness.

Mochi All of TJ's mochi is now vegan! They have a variety of flavors including coffee, strawberry, mango, and green tea. Strawberry is always my favorite flavor, you can't go wrong there. The coffee is delightful and has a mocha center which tastes amazing after dinner for a pick-me-up!

Kale Cashew Pesto I absolutely love this spread, it's dynamic and delicious! I put it on roasted potatoes, pasta, and on toast with some avocado or olive oil. It's super fresh and light, you can put it on almost anything.

LifestyleMolly Black