How To Mindfully Shift Your Mindset

A mindset shift happens with patience and intention. When we become aware of the stories that we tell ourselves, we’re able to rewrite the story and reprogram our thought patterns. From there - decide how YOU want to view yourself and change your life. Ask yourself the following:

What is your goal?

How will you feel once you reach your goal?

What is your timeline for reaching your goal?

Now for the shift, the goal is actually your strategy and your feeling is the real goal. For example, your goal is to be happier and your strategy for getting there is meditating every morning. Keep in mind that thoughts lead to feelings, then those feelings lead to actions. Feelings are created by the stories that we tell ourselves. If you tell yourself that you are living a happy life, your actions will reflect that.

Shift your mindset to more gratitude and present awareness. When we’re living more authentically, we feel powerful, and from there we can create a life that we love.

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