Journal Prompts for September

Autumn is just around the corner - a great time to reflect on this past season and meditate on what we’re ready to let go of. A big part of this practice is forgiveness, which can be complicated at times. We can practice forgiving ourselves - for not being gentle with ourselves, for being harsh with a friend, etc. It can be something light or something deeper that you’re working on. Take small steps, mindfulness is a journey and there’s always more to explore.

  1. I am looking forward to…

    This can be something that your’e doing, that you’re going to practice for yourself or maybe you’re excited for the autumn leaves to change!

  2. I am ready to release…

    This can be negative thought patterns, judgement, anger, or releasing expectations for yourself or others.

  3. I learned…about myself….

    What have you learned about yourself? Is there something you’re working on?

  4. I forgive myself for…

    This can be something big or small, forgiving yourself is a huge release of energy. When we are holing on to negative energy it walks around with us and affects our energy in your relationships and daily lives.

After you journal - take the time to meditate on your answers.

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