My Mental Health Journey with Mindfulness


I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years - it’s been a huge part of my life and I’ve always been attracted to a more holistic lifestyle. Yoga has been one of the ways I’ve been able to manage depression and anxiety, from restorative to vinyasa I always find ease during and after my practice. When I go through rough transitions - yoga is there for me and has been for years. The practice gives me a safe space to heal, flow through my emotions, and release what is no longer serving me. Along with the mindful movement of yoga, I found meditation. For a while I did not know I was meditating during a class . Once I realized that I was meditating, I started to explore the practice more and it quickly became another way I was able to manage my stress and find my center. Now, I either practice a few minutes of yoga and/or meditation every day to cultivate a stronger present awareness . I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I manage my anxiety and downswings as well as how I handle stressful situations. I’m able to communicate more mindfully with my partner, I know myself better so I have a higher sense of emotional intelligence and I listen to what I need. Mindfulness has shown me that I can give myself permission to take care of me and everything else falls into place when I do.

Throughout my mindfulness journey - I’ve discovered many exciting healing practices such as Reiki. I started going to Reiki to have a better sense of my chakras and where I’m blocked - where in my body I need to heal and where I need to process. Reiki has helped me become more in tune with my own energy, needs, and how to remedy some of my blocked energy spaces. After my Reiki level 1 training, I did a 21 day cleanse - which means I practiced Reiki on myself every day for 21 days. Using the healing practice of Reiki on myself was an amazing form of self-compassion that really helped me feel empowered to take more time for me. I continue to grow in my practice from learning from other teachers and cultivating my self practice as well as connecting with myself.

Mindfulness is an ongoing practice - we have ups and downs and learn more about ourselves. For me, the goal of yoga, Reiki, meditation and all the amazing holistic practices is to learn more about myself. The more I show up for myself and learn more about what I need - the better human I am and I’m better able to mindfully guide others.

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